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A Second Greentag certification for Koppers Preformance Chemicals. Micropro Wood Treatment Technology Awarded Global Greentag, Gold Health Rating Certification.

MicroPro® Wood Treatment Technology by Koppers Performance Chemicals has been awarded a GoldHEALTH rating with its recently published Global GreenTag Level A Product Health DeclarationTM (PhDTM). The GreenTag PhD is the first health transparency tool in the world to assess human health concerns directly, rating the health impacts of a final product – and not just the hazards of a product's ingredients.

"Full disclosure by a manufacturer of the toxicity information of a product is a bold move, says David Baggs, Global GreenTag's CEO and Program Director. "And it is the right thing to do, as it is important to enable the market to make informed and responsible buying decisions. Ultimately, the GoldHEALTH rating awarded in this case reflects the impressive measure to which Koppers Performance Chemicals has invested in developing and manufacturing a wood treatment technology product that is safe for use around people, pets and plants,'" says David. "Koppers is the first and only company to have a wood treatment technology certified by GreenTag. Our MicroPro wood treatment technology has achieved both a GreenTag Level A product certification and now the GoldHEALTH excellent rating. This achievement further confirms that Koppers is committed to produce wood treatment technologies that meet market demands for better products," says Elias Akle, General Manager Australian Operations.
This is important for Building, Design and Procurement Professionals as well as Company Directors who need to mitigate risks on projects for workplace and residential use. They need to discern carefully between products that support user and occupant health and wellbeing, compared with products that don't.

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