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News Release - Koppers Performance Chemicals

A Second Greentag certification for Koppers Preformance Chemicals. Micropro Wood Treatment Technology Awarded Global Greentag, Gold Health Rating Certification.

News Release - Koppers Performance Chemicals

Koppers Performance Chemicals announces that the Micropro Wood Treatment Technology has received Global Greentag Greenrate Level A Product Certification.

Your Quick Guide to Treated Timber

A brief overview of LifeWood CCA, NatureWood ACQ and MicroPro Sienna timber treatments.

MicroPro Sienna Micronized Preservative

MicroPro Sienna Micronized Preservative and Colour Pigment treatment technology, a unique combination of micronized copper-based preservative and iron oxide pigment which is pressure treated into the wood. The preservative treatment is suitable for above ground or in-ground use meaning MicroPro Sienna can be used in all your landscaping projects, including Children's Playgrounds and Garden Beds as well as low level retaining structures.

Lifewood CCA Pressure Treated Timber

Properly treated and processed, Lifewood CCA treated wood products last for decades, even in harsh outdoor exposures.

Lifewood CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) preservative treated timber products have been pressure treated with a water-based preservative solution that protects against termites and fungal decay.

NatureWood ACQ Pressure Treated Timber

NatureWood ACQ provides long term protection of wood exposed in exterior applications.

NatureWood ACQ, preservative is a waterborne, Alkaline Copper Quaternary preservative system developed to provide long-term protection of wood exposed in exterior applications.

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  • About STS Timber Wholesale

    STS Timber Wholesale is a privately owned Australian Company. We specialise in timber for external building projects. We supply Bunnings, timber merchants and fencing yards across Australia.

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  • Our Treatment Options

    STS Timber Wholesale treatment offerings include:

    • NatureWood ACQ
    • MicroPro Sienna
    • Lifewood CCA
    • Custom treatments
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    STS Timber Wholesale operates three treatment plants from two Victorian sites in Woori Yallock and Dandenong.

    Telephone: +61 3 5967 3993
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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